Our Mission

The mission of Ackley Metal is to provide high-quality surgical instruments and components to manufacturers, engineers, and product developers through innovative strategies and excellent customer service in a timely manner.

Ackley Metal Company Core Values

The company has strict quality control protocols and standard operating procedures that ensure the highest standard of production is consistently achieved. The main indicator of quality production is a zero percent return of the product.

Customer Commitment

Ackley Metal is devoted to meeting deadlines ahead of schedule by all means possible. The company establishes a strong relationship with vendors to get parts on time. The Ackley Metal management team formulates action plans and follows standard operations procedures to efficiently get orders done and delivered.


Ackley Metal staff is like a family. A top priority for the company is to provide its employees with a dynamic and friendly work environment, so they can be in the most dedicated, efficient, and focused frame of mind. In turn, this allows for each piece of every order to be completed with care and skill.

Vision Statement

Ackley Metal strives to be the leading surgical instrument manufacturer. The company fosters a productive work environment for employees and offers training to enhance shop performance. An exceptional team translates to an exceptional product for customers.


Ackley Metal strives to ensure that customers are 100% satisfied with the service and products delivered. The company goes above and beyond to meet deadlines and deliver what is promised.

Leading Edge

ISO certified since 2014, Ackley Metal stays current with new technology, state of the art equipment, and cutting-edge standards and processes to provide customers the most up-to-date surgical components in the industry.